Ko-Yo-Kan Clinic

Yuda-onsen Yamaguchi, Japan
KoーYoーKan Clinic is major in Dermatology with Hot spring and consultation in English.
Our doctor consultation is facilitated with art therapy (music and drawing) ,
so it is provided for pupils, students, labors, and artists.

Anxious, Worries at school, collage, university, and workplace
Career consulting
Feeling down Mood change Insomnia
Medical certificate
We do psychotherapy rather than psychotropic drug. 

Dermatology: Atopic dermatitis, Rush

Doctor Shiho is specialized in Dermatology and Psychiatry.

2-4-8, Yuda-onsen, Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi JAPAN


Please make sure to Mail us before visiting. Our clinic requires appointments.
・Bring Insurance Card.

Ginza Tea Party

You can also meet our doctor in Ginza Tokyo,
Please contact us with Email.