On-line medical care; Dermatology and Gender Identity

You can take the telephone and medical care by on-line for dermatology and GID.
Contact us by e-mail with your concerning, please.

Sentences below are referred from Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

  Procedure of the telephone and On-line medical care.

1. Confirmation of the medical care contents
(It’s confirmed whether you’re calling and are examining and treating on-line.)
Please confirm whether it’s being examined and treated by the telephone and On-line in a desk of the medical clinic directly whether the website of the medical agency thinking I’ll see a doctor is checked.

(Family doctor etc. or the nearest medical clinic)
First, please consult the family doctors who always hang.
Please inform the nearest medical agency which is calling from the following website and is examining and treating by On-line of the person who doesn’t have family doctors.
* To have to have a medical clinic immediately by doctor’s judgement, I’ll recommend to choose the medical agency around here living as much as possible.

2. Preliminary reservation
(In case of telephone)
I call a medical agency and after handing information on health insurance card down to medical clinic, it’s reserved in case of the telephone.

(In case of On-line medical care)
Reservation method is different depending on medical clinic in case of On-line medical care. Please see website of each medical clinic for more information.

(Confirmation of a method of payment)
It’s also checked about a method of payment according to the case of reservation.

3. Medical care
(Medical care starting)
There is an arrival from the medical clinic side, but medical care is connected on-line and begins.

(The identical person confirmation back and the symptom explanation)
After telling purchased personal information to confirm that I’m the person himself hoping for a check-up first, please explain the symptoms.
Please note that a check and prescription are sometimes difficult by the telephone and medical care by On-line.

4. Behind the medical care
(If you recommend a visit to medical clinic.)
When being recommended as medical clinic so that I might visit and see a doctor, please be sure to make sure that it’ll span medical clinic directly.

(When prescription of medicine was received.)
After handing the nearest pharmacy where you take out medicine down to medical clinic medicine was prescribed and when hoping for a delivery of medicine, after a medical examination, please contact a pharmacy.
Medicine can have chosen taking guidance in the telephone and On-line, and after that, is delivered (It’s sometimes necessary to be visited in a pharmacy and have taking guidance.)